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Updated for Spring 2021 

We supply Cypripedium plants grown in containers from laboratory-propagated seedlings.

Hello.  I'm Brandon, Greenhouse Manager of ItascaPhoto of Brandon and Cyp. pubescens. Ladyslipper Farm.  Welcome to our Web site.  Itasca Ladyslipper Farm specializes in native North American species, but we have added a number of exotic species that may be of interest to the gardener or collector.  All our plants are grown from seedlings produced in the laboratory.  Our plants are container-grown outdoors in shade houses, not pampered in a greenhouse, to thrive in your garden.  When available, we will offer mature plants, but gardeners can save money by purchasing younger plants. 


Photo of 11 year old Cyp. reginae seedlings.

Photo of 11-year old Cyripedium reginae plants raised from seed.

Spring orders are generally shipped in early May.

The spring 2021 list of plants is available NOW and will be emailed upon request.  Plants selected can be reserved from the list and payment arrangements can be made.  Current prices will be listed.  Shipping and handling is additional.  Minnesota residents, only, also pay tax.

In addition to checks we accept credit card payment through PayPal and Instant Pay via PayPal.

Contact us: Email.

Contact information:   Email is preferred:

                                    Itasca Ladyslipper Farm Office, 21950 County Road 445, Bovey, MN   55709

                                    Phone: (218) 247-0245

Here is a gallery of species we generally grow with horticultural zone information.  The horticultural zone information is provided as an indication of winter hardiness and the winter temperatures necessary to vernalize the plants properly.  A particular climate may have good winter conditions for a particular plant but still have summers that are too hot.  Gallery.

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