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We supply Cypripedium plants grown in containers from laboratory-propagated seedlings.

Hello.  I'm Brandon, Greenhouse Manager of ItascaPhoto of Brandon and Cyp. pubescens. Ladyslipper Farm.  Welcome to our Web site.  Itasca Ladyslipper Farm specializes in native North American species, but we have added a number of exotic species that may be of interest to the gardener or collector.  All our plants are grown from seedlings produced in the laboratory.  Our plants are container-grown outdoors in shade houses, not pampered in a greenhouse, to thrive in your garden.  As our stock matures, we will increasingly be offering flowering-size specimens, but gardeners can save money by purchasing younger plants.   Here is a list of Species offered and prices.

Photo of 11 year old Cyp. reginae seedlings.

Photo of 11-year old Cyripedium reginae plants raised from seed.

We generally ship plants in May or in late September through October.

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